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Bahrain National Oil and Gas Authority Outlines Future of Bahrain Oil and Gas Industry

National Oil and Gas Authority, HE Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Bahrain Minister of Oil and Gas
Today, the income from oil and gas constitutes about 80% of the government’s revenue. However, we were also the first GCC country to attempt diversification, in the 1960s and 70s. Thanks to those efforts, oil and gas now only constitute 24% of GDP at current prices (and 12% at constant prices).

New Investments to Double Bahrain’s Oil Production Using Latest Technology

Dr. Ed Hanley, Chief Executive of Tatweer Petroleum
In 2010, Tatweer spent a total of US$ 345 million through 200 contracts and 1,300 purchases; and created 240 new jobs, with many of them going to young Bahrainis. We are very much positive that our efforts will lead to maximizing the Field production capacity to triple in seven years’ time, reaching 100,000 barrels per day.

BAPCO Bahrain

BAPCO Bahrain, CEO, Abdulkarim Al Sayed

BAPCO Bahrain sells on the behalf of the Bahrain Government. The other source of income for the government is from the BAPCO Bahrain refinery. The money BAPCO Bahrain makes as a result of processing crude oil is a source of income for the government. Between what BAPCO Bahrain pays and what BAPCO Bahrain gets from the sale of products, the bigger the margin is the better it is for Bahrain. 

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