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Egypt Real Estate: Engineer Amr Soliman Presents Mountain View iCity, the First Happy City in the World

In this exclusive interview, Engineer Amr Soliman presents Mountain View iCity, the first happy city in the world. With its innovative 4-dimensional design, iCity offers separate layers for themed parks, lush outdoors and activities; the hidden motorway and parking layer; a fascinating 15km corniche connecting all the parks with walking, jogging and biking trails; and finally the privacy of your home in New Cairo, Egypt.

Jazeera Paints is the Official Sponsor of Saudi-Egyptian Real Estate Conference SEREC

Jazeera Paints participated as the official sponsor of the recently held Saudi-Egyptian Real Estate Conference, on November 23, in Riyadh, under the title “Cooperation, Not Competition”, which gathered main governmental entities, private sector developers, inventors, and professionals in the real estate industry, to enhance investment opportunities between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

“دهانات الجزيرة” راعياً رسمياً في المؤتمر السعودي المصري للاستثمار العقاري

شاركت “دهانات الجزيرة”، الشركة الرائدة في عالم الدهانات والألوان والحلول الإنشائية في المملكة والشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا، في المؤتمر السعودي المصري للاستثمار العقاري بصفتها الراعي الرسمي، والذي انعقد مؤخراً بالعاصمة الرياض في نسخته الأولى تحت عنوان “تكامل لا تنافس”، حيث جمع هذا الحدث الجهات الحكومية الرئيسية ومطوري القطاعات الخاصة والمستثمرين والمحترفين في صناعة العقارات بهدف تعزيز فرص الاستثمار بين البلدين.

Paint Industry: Jazeera Paints Hosts the Saudi-Egyptian Forum for Senior Designers and Architects

Jazeera Paints hosted the Saudi-Egyptian Forum for senior designers and architects in Riyadh, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World. To promote the exchange of experiences and strengthen the business and economic ties between the two neighboring countries, Jazeera Paints intends to continue to host and organize the Saudi-Egyptian Forum annually.

Egypt Real Estate: Tatweer Misr, A Leading Provider of Integrated and Mixed-Use Developments

Dr Ahmed Shalaby gives an overview of the real estate sector in Egypt and discusses latest news and future plans for Tatweer Misr in the current context. Since its inception in 2014, Tatweer Misr has been offering an innovative outlook on integrated living to strongly emerge as a leading real estate developer in Egypt, fulfilling the rising demand on mixed-use projects that enrich the life of its communities.

Khaled Abbas of ACUD Presents the New Administrative Capital: Egypt’s Upcoming Smart Green City

Eng. Khaled Abbas talks latest developments regarding the New Capital project and discusses investment opportunities in Egypt. He also explains what makes New Cairo different and unique, and shares plans and timelines for the next few years. The New Administrative Capital is developed with the strategic vision for a smart city integrating its smart infrastructure to provide many services to citizens.

Real Estate Development in Egypt: Islam A. Khamis of Sorouh Developments Talks Latest News About the New Capital

Islam A. Khamis presents the New Capital, also known as New Cairo, the new administrative city of Egypt. He also discusses latest news about Sorouh Developments and the real estate development sector in general, and talks about main projects, including residential development Entrada, and commercial developments Entrada Avenue and the Citadel.

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