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Reforms of Egyptian Banking Sector Now Serve As A Case Study — ABC Egypt

“We had been reforming the banking sector from 2003 to 2010. These reforms saved the banking sector in Egypt during the dry years. It was very difficult to manage our reserves in the past few years. The performance of the Egyptian banking sector, its survival and its role as the backbone of the economy in those tough years, has now become a case study in the best universities in the world. “

Industrial Development Agency in Egypt: Support for Egyptian SMEs

There is something interesting about Egypt as far as SMEs are concerned. Anything and everything that you can imagine is already there in terms of services. Only people don’t know about it. Or they are isolated as islands or the services are offered to them in a very small portion. Whatever practice you can imagine in the world, already exists here in Egypt. The whole idea is to coordinate the efforts.

Top Logistics & Shipping Companies in Egypt

The following list of the top logistics & shipping companies in Egypt has been chosen according to the size, facilities and scope of services that rank the below companies as the top logistics & shipping companies in the country. The list of the top logistics & shipping companies in Egypt is topped by the leading container terminal on the Suez Canal: SCCT (Suez Canal Container Terminal).

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