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Adlevo Capital: A Private Equity Fund Discusses Targeting Technology-Enabling Ventures in Africa

Folabi Esan gives an overview of Adlevo Capital, a private equity fund manager founded on the belief that meaningful development in sub-Saharan Africa will be driven by the application of technology to business processes across all sectors. Adlevo makes equity and equity-linked investments in rapidly growing private companies in various stages of development.

PEM OFFSHORE Training Centre: “We Need Support from Nigerians and Government”

“Our appeal is for the government to recognise us. We have been able to get here mainly because Chevron Nigeria Ltd has been a very big supporter of Pem Offshore. It was like a dream when we went to Chevron; they gave us a contract without ever seeing anything on the ground,” says Phillips Matthews, Senior Vice President (Americas/Africa) of PEM OFFSHORE GROUP.

Will Nigeria Become Self-Sufficient in Wheat Production? Exclusive Interview with Flour Mills of Nigeria GMD

“For over 50 years we have been in the wheat milling business and in that time we have imported wheat from various countries to produce the raw material for various industries. For instance, the flour that we produce from wheat we supply to the bakery industry. We also supply flour to the biscuit industry. We supply flour to the pasta and noodle industries and we supply flour to the confectionary industry which is very important.”

Best Maritime Training Centre in Africa: PEM Offshore Simulation Center

“This is the biggest centre in Africa. There is a little one in South Africa which is not even half of what we have in one room. There is another little one in Egypt but this is the biggest in Africa. In Nigeria it is the only Offshore Vessel Simulation Centre. Ghana has a simulation centre. They do cadet training but not advanced simulation training like us.”

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