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Kenya Financial Services: David Morema Presents Virtual Pay, the Global Digitized Payments Gateway

In this insightful interview, we sit down with David Morema, the dynamic CEO of Virtual Pay, a leading payment service provider based in Kenya, with global operations. David shares details about Virtual Pay’s innovative solutions tailored for niche industries, including various payment collection methods and cutting-edge tap-to-pay technology on Android devices. Join us as we delve into David Morema’s professional background, the comprehensive services Virtual Pay offers, and the exciting new projects set to revolutionize payment processing across Africa and beyond.

Mbaya & Associates Financial Advisory Firm: Michael Mbaya Talks Business Operations and Strategy

In this interview, Michael Mbaya offers a detailed overview of Mbaya & Associates’ business operations and strategic focus. Established in Kenya in 1979, Mbaya & Associates was one of the first indigenous financial advisory firms in the country, providing services such as financial audits, taxation, and outsourced accounting. Michael discusses the firm’s competitive edge in integrating technology into client operations, the growing importance of sustainability reporting, and how the firm is leveraging technological advancements to drive future growth.

Driving Local Growth: Benedict Mbanga on Mangwana Capital’s Vision for Zimbabwe’s Economic Expansion

In this interview, Benedict Mbanga delves into Mangwana Capital’s distinctive edge in Zimbabwe’s private equity landscape, standing out as a locally funded entity amidst a predominantly foreign-funded market, drawing support from 48 local pension funds. Their strategic focus on agriculture, mining, and tourism underscores their commitment to bolstering Zimbabwe’s primary industries. With successes such as pioneering investments in horticulture and significant strides in the oil and gas sector through the Invictus project, Mangwana Capital continues to spearhead transformative ventures poised to redefine Zimbabwe’s economic landscape.

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