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The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations was set up in 1947 to create and foster an environment, in which businesses in Addis Ababa can develop and grow at a much faster pace. The Addis Chamber is the most active chamber in the country and currently has over 15,000 members.

About the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA)
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Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce
and Sectoral Associations

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The Addis Chamber

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) was set up in 1947 to create and foster an environment, in which businesses in Addis Ababa can develop and grow at a much faster pace. The Addis Chamber is the most active chamber in the country and currently has over 15,000 members.

The Chamber has been serving the business community in Addis Ababa as being one of the formal bridge that enables the business community gather together and meet policy makers to dialogue over new policy issues in a way that enables the private sector gain leverage. It gained a status of an ISO-certified institution in November 2013 (ISO 9001:2008).

Getachew Regassa, Secretary General of AACCSAInterview with the AACCSA’s Secretary General:
Agriculture is the most attractive investment opportunity in Ethiopia, says Addis Chamber of Commerce


“To promote trade and investment by providing demand-driven service to its members and by advocating for favorable business environment based on best international practices.”


The AACCSA’s vision is to be a world class chamber that enables its members to be internationally competitive.


– to support businesses in Addis Ababa by the provision of information and services
– to provide technical assistance, training and research to improve the overall quality
– to enable a more flexible and hospitable economic environment with additional focus on SMEs
– to encourage and promote business ventures that contribute to and widen the employment opportunities in Addis Ababa


Team work (የቡድን ሥራ)
Fairness (ከአድሎአዊነት የፀዳ)
Credibility (ተአማኒነት)
Business orientation (ንግድ-ተኮር)
Accountability (ተጠያቂነት)
Transparency (ግልጽነት)

AACCSA Services


Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce servicesIn 2002, the Addis Chamber established a system of arbitration of disputes arising among business companies. It is the only institutionalized arbitration service in the country. The Arbitration Institute (AACCSA AI) was setup with the aim of realizing and providing arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

The AI offers facilitation the settlement of commercial disputes in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Chamber, and it also provides mediation and advisory service, contract drafting and reviewing services and many others.

The Institute also organizes trainings, seminars and workshops on a regular basis. Workshops relate dispute resolutions, intellectual property law, international joint ventures and venture capital and others.

The supreme organ of the Institute is the Arbitration Council, which consists of 11 members-professionals.


The Addis Chamber provides comprehensive support for businesses. It details and clarifies the investment procedure and regulations, investment incentives, business opportunities, and provides updates on the current project profiles. The Chamber also deals with the problematics of exports, foreign currency, taxation, trade rules and others. Among others it facilitates trade agreements and direct business promotion.


The Addis Chamber’s training center was upgraded to an institute (Addis Chamber Training Institute, ACTI) in November 2013 and currently offers short term business trainings by scholars and practitioners from Addis Ababa University (the oldest university in the country) and the Ministry of Trade, among others.

The trainings focus on the following areas: communication skills, leadership development, accounting and financial management, HR management, international trade, marketing, project management, logistics and procurement.

Trainings fall into three main categories: regular trainings, regular trainings at customers’ premises and customized trainings.

 Addis Ababa Trade FairsMEMBERSHIP

The advantages of having a membership with the AACCSA are manifold. Its members regularly receive the latest information on business opportunities, project technologies, government regulations and tax-related issues. A membership also covers an inclusion in the Chamber’s trade directory and website, which will increase a company’s networking opportunities, and a free access to the Chamber’s documentation center. Other benefits include discounts on fees related to training, participation in trade fairs and website promotion.


The Research and Policy Analysis Department (RPAD) is a new department within the Chamber that was established to undertake researches, analyze the public policies, regulations and directives, and put forward policy recommendations. Moreover, the department prepares and publishes the Socio Economic Profile of Addis Ababa, Trade and Business Journals, and various articles.

The analyses are primarily related to business, industry, trade and other economic sectors.


The Addis Chamber organizes Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (ACITF), AGRIFEX Ethiopia (Specialized International Agriculture and Food Exhibition), Tourism and Travel (Specialized International Tourism and Travel Fair). Tourism and Travel usually takes place during April and the AGRIFEX Ethiopia is generally scheduled for June. In addition, Meskerem International Trade Fair is another important trade fair organized by the Chamber during the month of September.

Secretary General’s Word

 The most attractive investments in Ethiopia: Agriculture, leather and textiles

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 Invest in Ethiopia: Incentives for international investors and businesses in Ethiopia

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