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Industrial Development Agency in Egypt: Support for Egyptian SMEs

There is something interesting about Egypt as far as SMEs are concerned. Anything and everything that you can imagine is already there in terms of services. Only people don’t know about it. Or they are isolated as islands or the services are offered to them in a very small portion. Whatever practice you can imagine in the world, already exists here in Egypt. The whole idea is to coordinate the efforts.

Cairo Marriott – the leading hotel in Cairo, tradition and elegance on the River Nile

Set amongst 6 acres of beautifully lush gardens in a privileged location on an island on the River Nile, the Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino truly boasts a unique, extraordinary setting. Comprised of two twin towers connected by a stunning garden promenade that flanks the historical Royal Palace Al Gezira, the hotel is a distinctive blend of tradition and elegance with contemporary facilities and amenities.

Top Internet Service Provider in Egypt: Link (Mobinil Group)

“We have 22-23% market share because we’re still the biggest private ISP in Egypt by far and the rest are between 5-7% each. Our major strength has always been that we are a private company – we have more freedom to try new stuff. We hire the best calibers in Egypt, we have 1,200 employees who are all experts in their areas, and we are always open to trying new technology.”

Industrial Mega Projects in Egypt: Overview by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Egypt

“In addition to the mega projects we have tangible, well-studied sectorial industrial projects in several fields and sectors, including petrochemicals, the engineering sector, household goods, electrical equipment, white goods etc., that are for the domestic Egyptian market.”

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