Education Sector: Over 50 Years of Experience in Educational Services for Pigier Côte d’Ivoire

Located in the heart of the Plateau in Abidjan, Pigier Côte d’Ivoire is one of the first institutions in the country, providing students with multidisciplinary programs such as management, trade, administration, communication, IT and telecommunications.

Pigier Côte d'Ivoire

Over 50 Years of Experience in Educational Services for Pigier Côte d’Ivoire

Founded in 1956 Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has more than 3,500 students and offers 13 Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, which are recognised by CAMES (the Malagasy and African Committee for higher education).

As a multidisciplinary establishment, Pigier Côte d’Ivoire provides training and skills in the areas that are the most requested by Ivorian businesses: management, trade, administration, communication, IT and telecommunications.

Over the years, Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has progressively developed its educational catalogue to fit with businesses’ needs. In the 1970s, it started by offering preparatory courses for BEPs (vocational certificates) and Technological Baccalaureates. Then from 1987 onwards, it began to offer BTS courses (Higher Technician’s Certificate). Since 2008, Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has also offered university level courses (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorates).

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire’s training portfolio has evolved along with the labour market, due to labour market analysis carried out by corporate management. This analysis has allowed Pigier to see which training courses it should be offering.

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire is part of the international network La Compagnie de Formation, where it holds pole position with regards to student numbers. La Compagnie de Formation‘s network is made up of parties in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and of over one hundred establishments: vocational schools; training centres; and higher education establishments geared towards management, business, communication, and information technology. Being a part of this network, Pigier benefits from the services of an international educational research centre, bringing together the experience of all schools pertaining to the network and hundreds of specialised educators.

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Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has been active in Gabon (Libreville), since the beginning of academic year 2013-2014.

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire is a member of several international university associations: CRUFAOCI (Conférence des recteurs des universités francophones d’Afrique et de l’océan Indien) [Committee of Rectors from African and Indian Ocean francophone universities], AAU (Association of African Universities), and AUF (Agence universitaire de la francophonie) [Francophone University Association].

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has ties with academic partners from local universities (Nangui Abrogoua and Alassane Ouattara Universities) and from oversees universities (Legon University in Ghana, and Pau University in France).

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire also has ties with Côte d’Ivoire businesses, the most important of which are linked to Pigier through a twinning convention, which facilitates student internships and employment.

A Comprehensive List of Programs and Courses

As a multidisciplinary establishment, Pigier Côte d’Ivoire provides training and skills in the areas that are the most requested by Ivorian businesses: management, trade, administration, communication, IT and telecommunications.

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Courses at Pigier Côte d’Ivoire

Professional Certificate (3 years of studies):

• finance and accounting
• communication and brand development
• account auditing and management control
• business management
• network and software engineering
• marketing
• management assistant

Master’s Degree (2 years of studies):

• marketing
• audit and management control
• business administration
• business laws and taxation
• finance and accounting
• computer engineering
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Courses in BMD Format

Since 2010 all Pigier Côte d’Ivoire courses are in BMD format (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate). The advantages of BMD:

• learner support
• access to multidisciplinary education
• personalised courses (personal projects)
• internationally recognised qualifications

The Pigier Label

The University of Crafts and Trades

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire offers courses certified by the State and recognised by CAMES (Malagasy and African Committee for higher education) from BTS level to Doctorate level. Pigier Côte d’Ivoire aims to prepare you for the working world.


Throughout the academic year teaching of course material is supplemented by professionals who come to speak directly to students about their experiences.

Innovative Education System, Powerful Tools

Pigier’s success comes down to the implementation of an education system centred on the student’s practical work experience (hands-on experience, case studies, internships), which favours skills learning. Pigier Côte d’Ivoire makes use of digital technology (Office 365, distance learning, Wi-Fi networks, ScholarVox virtual library containing more than 30,000 works…) so that its students can access all course materials necessary.

A Social Network Crucial for a Professional Future

Pigier Côte d’Ivoire has a large network of alumni, students, business leaders and executives, which has been growing since 1956, thanks to current and former students. This network also makes up part of La compagnie de formation, an international network made up of over one hundred establishments. Pigier Côte d’Ivoire’s recruitment agency maintains close relations with businesses throughout the Ivory Coast, forming an important school-business collaboration both for planning which courses to offer and for student internship and employment opportunities.

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Pigier Côte d’Ivoire is located on two sites at the heart of the business district (le Plateau): 23 boulevard de la République (3,000m2) and opposite the old Plateau market (800m2). There are: 

• 44 course theory rooms
• 6 computer rooms with ADSL internet connection
• a teacher’s room equipped with 10 computers and internet connection
• a practical computer works room
• a language laboratory equipped with 20 computers linked together with headphones and interactive software (Reflex)
• a digital documentation centre (ScholarVox virtual library with more than 30,000 works, previous exam papers, course materials, and didactic multimedia tools)
• an audiovisual studio
• a specialised exam room for Microsoft certifications (and others such as Adobe, Cisco…)
• a medical centre


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