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Transforming Logistics and Security in Kenya: A Conversation with Barrack Oyugi of Fargo Courier

In this insightful interview, Barrack Oyugi shares his journey at Fargo Courier, highlighting his role in business development and customer experience enhancement. He elaborates on how Fargo Courier distinguishes itself in the market, the recent trends and opportunities they are capitalizing on, and their strategic expansion plans within Kenya and the broader East African region. Additionally, Barrack discusses Wells Fargo’s comprehensive security services and their approach to CSR. Join us as we delve into Fargo Courier’s vision and Barrack’s instrumental role in steering the company towards sustained growth and innovation.

E-Commerce, Logistics and Property Development in Kuwait: Ali AlMatrouk Presents Jadeite Group

Ali AlMatrouk presents Jadeite Group, a respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company specialized in property development, e-commerce and logistics. Jadeite Group is known for establishing exciting ventures in other areas than real estate and companies such as TONS e-grocery and Porter Express are now becoming a household name in Kuwait.

Polygon Logistics: Logistical Solutions for Organizations and Individuals in Kenya

Ben Omolo gives an overview of the logistics sector in Kenya and presents Polygon Logistics Ltd, a company offering a comprehensive range of logistical solutions for organizations and individuals in Kenya, with a scope of extending the same globally. These include clearing, forwarding of both import and export shipments, as well as air charter flight services and airline representation.

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