Family Business

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Al-Yousifi Group Kuwait & Electronics Retail: Overview by Adel Easa Al-Yousifi

“Al-Yousifi was established in 1955 by my father. He took the agency of National, which is now Panasonic. We have especially grown after the 1991 liberation. Until 1994 or 1995, we were number one in electronics in Kuwait. We were only concentrating on Panasonic at that time, because the deal between us and Japan was to not have other brands in our showroom,” says Adel Easa Al-Yousifi, Senior Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Al-Yousifi Group.

Construction & Infrastructure Projects in Kuwait by Combined Group

“We are participating in many sectors, such as construction, roads, oil, bridges, and infrastructure. We participate in any projects announced through the CTC. The value of the projects varies for each sector. The sectors with the greatest value are roads and bridges, followed by the oil sector, construction, building, and lastly, other divisions,” says Dr. Nabeel Abdul Haleem Ali, Consultant to Chairman for Shareholders Affairs at Combined Group.

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