FUNDE Connects Universities With People Says Joaquim Chissano

Joaquim Alberto Chissano, former President of the Republic of Mozambique, explains what are the goals of FUNDE and shares his vision for the foundation.

“Actually, FUNDE was created to connect universities with people, and all their problems, starting from elementary problems such as nutrition, which is basic but most important. Universities should pay attention to this area through direct and unmediated participation. My desire would have been to be closer to people’s living base, in order to deal with their problems. Well, I am unable to do this everywhere in Mozambique, even if I could be free from outside demands, such as contributing towards solutions to international problems. But universities can, because there are many now, and they are training a good deal of people. Universidade Politécnica, where I am more involved, was among the first universities to perceive the need to link the productive sector with the university, i.e. enterprise and its needs. Therefore, FUNDE set out to ensure the communication required, while dealing with the main problems brought about by development. For instance, when coal companies go somewhere to set up operations, they need to disturb the environment to some extent, also in terms of where people live, which involves resettlement. Here universities and Universidade Politécnica, through FUNDE, can help in the resettlement of people”, says Joaquim Chissano.

“I also mentioned the need to build capacity among people, in order to enable them to raise their own sources of income. As such, working with people is also very important. This is where you find the connection between peace and development, and where FUNDE becomes involved in practical terms”, he adds.

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