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Dubai Medical Zone

Stephan Baker, General Manager of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib medical center Apart from first world service! I think that’s one of the main expectations everyone is expecting world class medical service. To be licensed as a Doctor in the UAE you have to reach a certain and that standard is raised in the Medical City. Because it is a free zone it has its own regulations which in my opinion are more stringent that those of the rest of the country.

UAE Zones: Fujairah Free Zone

Director General of Fujairah Free Zone I think in Fujairah and Fujairah free trade zone, we are part of the Emirates, we are Fujairah free zone know our structure, we know our capabilities, we have the supporting infrastructure such as the airports, ports, the free zone and other departments. Fujairah and Fujairah free trade zone look into petrochemicals very strongly. Fujairah will become in the next five years a base for petrochemicals and that itself is a business line.

UAE Zones: Dubai Investments Park

General Manager of Dubai Investments Park Mainly, we are not a free zone area so major tenants or clients are GCC market companies and from the domestic market, especially after converting so many areas from industrial to commercial, this is the ideal location or solution for those who have been shifted or are going to shift from their old industrial location to the Dubai Investments Park.

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