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Fujairah International Airport Leading Airport in Fujairah

Dr. Khaled Almazroui, General Manager of Fujairah International Airport Fujairah International Airport does contribute to and help the emirate of Fujairah as an airport to provide good services to the travelers. When travelers come to Fujairah International Airport, the first thing is their impression of that airport. And as travelers, like you and I are, usually you remember the airport of the city you are flying to; you remember the services, even how the counters looked, you remember all these things.

Dubai World Central Major Transportation Hub

Abdulla Ahmed Al Qurashi, CEO of Dubai Aviation City and Logistics City Dubai Logistics City is going to be the largest logistics city in the world with 12 million tones of cargo. We have a new concept at Dubai Logistics City; sea-air cargo. We have connectivity between the largest airport in the world, the largest logistics city in the world and the largest port in the world, which is Jebel Ali port. We also have a fast track between Jebel Ali port and the logistics city. We have very good experience, even with our partners; the logistics companies who will start their business this year. Air freight is very important for this region. Dubai is a hub for distribution to almost the entire Indian Subcontinent, Central Africa and the Central Asian zone where there is no connectivity between the seaport and cities.

Dubai Airports

Paul Griffits, CEO of Dubai Airports I really want Dubai Airports to rightfully assume the crown as being the best airport company in the world. Airport companies are not known for delivering excellence in any way, shape or form. Most of them are heavily criticised by their users and I want people to be saying “why can’t you do this like Dubai” in Heathrow or “in Dubai they’ve managed to sort this problem out” and we want to really be a shining beacon to the world. If Dubai Airports achieve that then, certainly.

Gulftainer Sharjah Leading Shipping Company in Sharjah

Gulftainer Sharjah Leading Shipping Company in Sharjah, General Manager Peter Richards Gulftainer has to really provide a service to the shipping lines and to the consignees to make sure the cargo is delivered on time. Now by calling at Khorffakan Port, you are actually handing over your cargo at that point to Gulftainer, and then Gulftainer looks after it from there all the way up to the consignee’s actual warehouse or needs. Whereas other ports in the UAE in the case of shipping lines will just drop everything off at the port and it’s up to everybody else to sort out. Gulftainer provides door-to-door service.

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