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Lalu Samuel

Managing Director of Clipsal Middle East, Pierlite Middle East We are talking about almost $ 3 trillion in the construction industry in the next 5 to 10 years in the region. The investment regions have already started.  I think it is very difficult to hold it in the middle, adding the industry boom activity and expansion.

Mohamed Ahmed-Yahia

General Manager – Near & Middle East of LegrandPeople are looking for more commerce, more comfort, more security, more energy saving, in India for instance we found out in a study that there are 300 million people able to buy Le Grand products. Imagine 300 million people out of 1.1 billion, this is huge for us and is a great opportunity for us.

Lina Chabaan

Eco Manager of TadweerWe have pollution, air pollution, water: unfortunately we are the highest water consumers in Dubai. We have a lot of construction waste and the construction creates pollution too, there are a lot of problems we are trying to tackle in Dubai.

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