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Robert Lee

Nakheel Managing Director for investment projects of Nakheel The universe is our future. That is basically our plan for the future as to what’s coming next. It is a new waterfront development or community that is going to be 10-15 years down the road. What’s important is that it’s showing the grand master plan: what’s possible and where there’s more and in that spirit we’re saying look: this is what is coming up, this is how we are solving some of the issues and this is how it’s going to look like as sharing our grand master plan.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim

CEO of Hydra PropertiesThe way Abu Dhabi is growing is by supporting the industrial zones and cities, by improving the ports, creating new university cities and media cities; that will support the real estate. We are going to see how Abu Dhabi will be for the next ten years; the prices are going to go up and appreciate. Also, demand won’t match supply; there will be much more demand than supply.

Imad Dana

CEO of Al ZorahAl Zorah development is worth 220 billion U.A.E. dirham ($59.9 billion) will be a 12-kilometer squared self-contained city with housing, offices, retail, schools, hospitals and leisure facilities, including marinas and a number of 5-star resort hotels completed in different phases and within a time frame of seven to 15 years.

Muath A. Jalil

General Manager of Rasyat Real EstateI am not saying we are only short – we are suffering from the short supply. To recover from that short supply, we need a minimum of more than 6 years of development to cover such a supply. As has been planned by one of the codes of the Urban Planning Council, so far up to this year, there is a 270 billion US dollars project launch, and there is another one expected within the next two years of 190 billion US dollars, to be launched again for more projects.

Lesley Sayle

Central Project Officer of Union PropertiesMotorcity is the first project of its kind in the world. It’s been operational for about three and a half years. It started with the Dubai Autodrome, which is the racetrack. It’s developed into a development that consists of five components. Dubai Autodrome is the first one that we launched, about three and a half years ago, and we’ve been hosting a number of races; there’s also the race school with a race track.

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