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RAK Petroleum, Petroleum Company in RAK

Alain Duport, General Manager of RAK Petroleum RAK Petroleum present portfolio does not have significant oil prospects, because, as you say, the exploration that has been done is shallow exploration for RAK Petroleum. But for deep gas prospects, because there was no incentive previously to drill these prospects, the exploration is not yet completed and seems optimistic for RAK Petroleum.

TAQA, Peter Barker-Homek

CEO of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) I think the big challenges for TAQA are around people. Not that TAQA has had trouble retaining people, in fact TAQA has got over 96 percent retention rate for people TAQA has offered positions to, but keeping people aligned with who TAQA is, where TAQA is going as a group of co-workers, building the identity. TAQA believes completely in health safety, security and the environment.

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