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Kingsway Group of Companies: Manish Shah Shares Kingsway’s Latest Business Ventures in Kenya

In this exclusive interview, Manish Shah discusses Kingsway Group of Companies’ diverse business ventures. Known for its hospitality operations such as the Village Market Mall and hotels, Kingsway also focuses on special economic zones to foster manufacturing and trade partnerships across Eastern and Central Africa. Shah highlights their innovative agro-processing initiative aimed at maximizing groundnut utilization and empowering local farmers, and outlines Kingsway’s strategic moves into electric vehicle manufacturing and fiber optics, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable growth and investment opportunities in Kenya and the region.

Nigeria Is a Very Hospitable Country – says Claudine Roth, GM of Loft Fahrenheit

“I think the hospitality culture is definitely growing in West Africa. Every day it is growing a little bit more, you see it with the big international hotels that have come in, you see it with groups like Fahrenheit Hospitality that want to come and make it their own and build a brand that is home-grown but that has all of the planning and strategic knowledge of hospitality that you would maybe get with international brands,” says Claudine Roth, GM of Loft Fahrenheit.

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