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Construction Sector in Kuwait: An Overview of the Concrete Precast Segment by Gazi Al Omani of Fixed Assets

Gazi Al Omani talks about the challenges to be faced by the construction sector in Kuwait and gives an overview of the concrete precast segment. Fixed Assets General Trading And Contracting Co. (W.L.L.) plans to create for itself a niche market as a newly plant in concrete precast business. The company has in its possession a specialized plant and equipment with all modern facilities to produce precast concrete elements.

Construction & Infrastructure Projects in Kuwait by Combined Group

“We are participating in many sectors, such as construction, roads, oil, bridges, and infrastructure. We participate in any projects announced through the CTC. The value of the projects varies for each sector. The sectors with the greatest value are roads and bridges, followed by the oil sector, construction, building, and lastly, other divisions,” says Dr. Nabeel Abdul Haleem Ali, Consultant to Chairman for Shareholders Affairs at Combined Group.

Specialized Services for Oil & Gas Sector in Kuwait – by HOT Engineering Co.

“We have talented people in our structure that can lead and manage the business. Plus, we are specialized in certain services which we pioneered. We maintain that advantage. We also have our Parent company supporting us. This is a strength that perhaps other companies do not have. We have experience from being heavily involved in oil and gas and the oil sector,” says Jamal N. Al-Houti, Board Member & CEO of HOT Engineering Co.

HOT Engineering Co. Strategy: Leading Kuwaiti Contractors in Oil & Gas

“We have a strategy to become different than others by acquiring new specialized services which support our business and strength in oil and gas. In 2015, HOT Engineering Co. set a new strategy to achieve sustainability and continuity in this field,” says Nawaf A. Al Sharhan, GM – Business Development & Tendering of HOT Engineering Co.

HOT Engineering Co. Kuwait: Projects Overview

“In the construction and contracting field in Kuwait, the oil and gas sector is our biggest area. Currently, in terms of construction, we are working on a new refinery project that is supervised by Kuwait Integrated Petrochemical Industries Co. (a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation) and Gathering Centers Number 30 and 31 by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The total cost of these projects is around 10 billion KD,” says Nawaf A. Al Sharhan, GM – Business Development & Tendering of HOT Engineering Co.

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