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Top Internet Service Provider in Egypt: Link (Mobinil Group)

“We have 22-23% market share because we’re still the biggest private ISP in Egypt by far and the rest are between 5-7% each. Our major strength has always been that we are a private company – we have more freedom to try new stuff. We hire the best calibers in Egypt, we have 1,200 employees who are all experts in their areas, and we are always open to trying new technology.”

Telecom Egypt: “Telecom market in Egypt is young, growing and very attractive”

“Certainly this young, growing market is very attractive. There are already four operators that are working in this market. The invisible handle on the market decides the right number of competitors whether it be three, four, five or more etc. I am not going to try to say what the right number is. The market is young, growing and it is moving in an all-data format.”

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