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Hew Moi Lan Presents SEGi University: A Leading Private Tertiary Education Provider in Malaysia

Ms Hew Moi Lan shares her thoughts on the state of the educational sector in Malaysia and gives an overview of SEGi University, a leading private tertiary education provider in the country. She also discusses the challenges to be faced by education in Malaysia, as well as SEGi itself, and shares her vision for the next three to five years.

Malaysia to play major role in international aerospace industry with Asia Aerospace City (AAC)

Asia Aerospace City (AAC) is a bold, strategic initiative to catapult Malaysia into a major role in the international aerospace industry, which is expected to grow to over USD$1 trillion by 2020.

Leading aerospace hub in Asia – Asia Aerospace City

Asia Aerospace City (hereinafter referred to as “AAC”) is an aerospace hub that serves to combine the capabilities, assets and aerospace players worldwide with the opportunity for growth in Asia, with Subang Nexus serving as the foundations of its physical infrastructure.

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