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Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Munir Abdul Majid: ASEAN and Islamic Banking

With free trade, there will be the suppliers across the value chain to the finished product, which would be based in some ASEAN country chosen by the investors. ASEAN population is already the third largest in the world with over 600 million after China and India. Also, the larger ASEAN economy is worth US$ 2.4 trillion and is an upwardly mobile consumer market.

Islamic Banks in Iraq and Kurdistan | List of Top Islamic Banks

There are currently 11 Islamic banks operating in Iraq. According to the World Bank statement from 2010, “the Islamic banking activities in Iraq started in 1993, where the Iraqi Islamic Bank for Investment and Development was established as the first Iraqi Islamic bank. Islamic banks now have 83 branches and 1504 employees, with the ratio of branches and employees of the Islamic banks to that of all private banks being broadly similar at 19 percent and 17 percent.

Top Islamic Investment Companies in Kuwait | 5 Most Important Companies


According to Capital Standards, “There are a total of 100 investment companies operating in Kuwait with 54 operating within the confines of the Islamic Sharia provisions and the rest operating as conventional investment companies.” Some of these companies are listed as well under asset management comapnies, investment banks and investment holding companies. Here is the structure of Kuwait Banking system.
The sector has been hit hard by the financial crisis and non-internventionist policy by the government. The investment companies face many challenges. The sector will continue to restructure the depts and deleverage. For the complete list of investment companies click here. Many Islamic investment companies are subsidiaries of or large groups and banks in Kuwait.

Islamic Banks in Kuwait | Kuwait’s Largest 5 Islamic Banks has been ranking the top banks in Kuwait since 2010, regularly updating the list according to the latest available Kuwait’s banking sector data. Which bank is Kuwait’s biggest Bank? Which one is the best bank in Kuwait? The following list ranks Kuwait’s top banks by assets. Traditionally, the largest bank in Kuwait is NBK, followed by Gulf Bank and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. View our latest ranking of banks in Kuwait.

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