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The state capital is located to the south of Mexico City and has been a strategic point for communications and commerce since it was founded in 1531. The city combines the advantages of a modern city, such as good infrastructure, hotels, universities and major manufacturing, with a unique culture and a history boasting five centuries of colonial presence.

Convenciones y Parques Puebla is the best convention center in Mexico and the most convenient place to host events in Mexico because the state of Puebla has all that is necesary to host your event or convention.

“The state of Puebla has all that is necessary to consolidate as one of the main destinations for business tourism. Conventions and Parks works towards that consolidation throught the diversification of key products that enrich the experience of our visitors.

The objective of this organism is to develop a comprehensive sustainable model, through the preservation and improvement of the resources we have. Under this vision, it is necesary to join efforts to improve the quality of the services and make them known to everyone so they can be transformed into a higher number of visitors and the increase of the economic benefit of the state.

Additionally, we can say that Conventions and Parks will tend to work in the trends that are making changes in the business tourism such as: technology (social media, mobile devices, connections, remote conferencing, etc.) the sustainability and social responsibility, the diversity of audiences (nationalities, languages, sexual diversity, challenged abilities, etc.) and the optimization of the resources.

The concern for sustainability and social responsibility is a primordial axis for this Decentralized Public Organism. It is fully engaged in focalizing efforts to tend to these areas.”


Puebla Region

– Unbeatable location (door to the south-east)
– Excellent access roads
– Second place National Ranking for the highest number of prestigious universities
– One of the safest cities Latin America
– A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987
– First class hotel accommodations
– Ranked in the top 5 nationally for convention hosting (source: ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association)

Roads and Accesibility

This State is accessible through 11,116 km of efficient and modern roads; there are various access points to the city from Mexico (D.F. – Distrito Federal).

Estrella Roja buses
– D.F. Airport – every 40 min
– Central TAPO – every 15 min

ADO buses
– Central TAPO – every 15 min
– Central del Norte – every 40 min
– Central Taxqueña – every 50 min
– Tlalnepantla – every hour

Puebla region convention center
Hermanos Serdán International Airport Puebla

Transportation from Mexico City (D.F.) to Puebla and within the city

Route : Angelópolis Zone, La Noria, Las Ánimas – Exhibition Center



Estimated Time


Angelópolis Zone

La Noria

15 min

5,1 km

La Noria

Las Ánimas Zone

6 min

2,4 km

Las Animas Zone

Exhibition Center

25 min

10,1 km

Route : Hermanos Serdán, Finsa Zone – Exhibition Center



Estimated Time


Hermanos Serdán


18 min

12,4 km



30 min

24,5 km

Approximate Total

48 min

36,9 km

Route : Historical Center – Exhibition Center



Estimated Time


Historical Center

Exhibition Center

8 min

5 km

Easy Air Access

The State is amply accessible thanks to the Hermanos Serdán International Airport, just 20 minutes from the Capital.

A Strategic Location

Belt 1 Pop.: 12,600,000
Belt 2 Pop.: 26,900,000
Total Population: 39,500,000

39 million people live within a 200 km perimeter of the city of Puebla. 38 % of the country’s GDP is produced in the area.


A Safe Place to Invest

Crime Index for each 100,000 people: Puebla got 33,29 (January – November 2014)
Source: Institutional Statistical Information System (2014)

Federal Offense Rate

Puebla is the safest State in terms of Federal Offenses, including offenses related to organized crime.


In 2014, Puebla managed to enter in the “Colonial Treasures Group”, as 8th State. The other States that enjoy this categorisation are Aguas Calientes, Durango, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas.

Puebla was recognized as one of the “15 Holidays That Could Change Your Life”.
Source: Stuff New Zealand (December 2014)

“Puebla, as the great host city that it is, has shown its culinary wealth, the friendliness and professionalism of its people, its rich culture and its great beauty as a destination”.
Source: Mice Media Marketing (December 2014)

– 3,682,898 visitors in the corporate meeting segment have come to events organized by the Parks and Conventions Organization
– 1,017 events were hosted in 2015 in the venues managed by Parks and Conventions
– 11 enclosures make up the Parks and Conventions Organization
– 6,279 is the Puebla Convention Center’s Total Capacity
– 59,198 people can be lodged in Puebla’s Exhibition Center
– 764 national and international events have taken place in Puebla’s Exhibition Center and Convention Center last year
– 1,950 is the total capacity of the ex-Hacienda de Chautla
– 20 to 180 people is the range of group sizes visiting the encampment of the Ex Hacienda de Chautla
– 94 is the number of rooms offered by the Hotel Misión Grand Ex Hacienda de Chautla
– 22,517 hotel rooms, divided into categories ranging from 1 to 5 stars, from Gran Turismo to Boutique Hotels, exist in the State of Puebla

Puebla region convention center
One of the best convention centers in Mexico

Hotel Capacity

Puebla: “The first colonial city with major hotel capacity”


City of Puebla




5 Stars


1 959

4 Stars


3 105

3 Stars


1 885

2 Stars



1 Star





2 290



10 203

The City of Puebla has 6000 single and double rooms for groups and conventions.

Exhibition Center

– Located within the Parque Cívico 5 de Mayo
– Emblematic zone of the Battle of the 5th of May
– The biggest in Latin America, with 40,000 m2 free of columns for exhibitions and 5,200 m2 for conventions

Exhibition Center: 40,000 m2
Convention area: 5,200 m2
Other spaces: 7,200 m2
Total = 52,400 useful meters

Available space for conventions
– Lower Level: 2,800 m2
– Upper Level: 2,400 m2

Available space for exhibitions
– 3 (Three) 5,000 m2 meeting rooms
– 1 (One) 10,000 m2 meeting room
– 1 (One) 15,000 m2 meeting room

Other Spaces
– VIP Area of 1,000 m2 with a view towards the exhibition area
– 2,800 m2 lobby
– Loading docks (divided into 48): 3,400 m2

General Area
– 48 loading and unloading docks
– 12 main access areas
– 4 lit floors
– 6 VIP rooms
– 6 stands
– 6 registration areas
– 6 pantries
– 2 video conference-equipped rooms
– Terrace and lobby area
– Escalators, elevators and freight elevators
– Access for the handicapped
– 883 parking spaces

Fuerte de Guadalupe

Meeting Rooms


Max Capacities








“U” shape


FG 1-10









Total Area

2,400 m2








Convention Center

– Located across from the historical center of Puebla
– Hotels within a distance of 1 km
– 12 Meeting Rooms and 1 auditorium
– Maximum capacity of 3,400 people
– Air-conditioned meeting rooms
– Programmable lighting
– Built-in telephone, internet and electrical installations
– Escalators and elevators
– 374 parking spaces

Closed Areas: 4,615 m2
Open Areas: 1,643 m2
Total Surface: 6,258 m2

Puebla region convention center
Exhibition Center

Upper Level
1. Angelopolis Auditorium
2. Chacuaco Plaza
3. Concordia Room
4. El Parián Room
5. Lobby
6. Main Balcony
7. La Esperanza Room
8. La Oriental Room
9. La Violeta Room
10. La Constancia Room
11. Analco Room
12. La Luz Room
13. El Alto Room
14. Support Area (kitchen)
15. Service Area

Lower Level
1. Main Plaza
2. Access to Parking Area
3. Main Stairs
4. Underground Pedestrian Exit
5. Tourism Offices
6. Xonaca Room
7. La Cruz Room
8. Access to Meeting Rooms
9. Pedestrian Exit to Parking
10. La Pastora Room
11. Underground Pedestrian Exit and Entrance
12. Underground Access
13. Exit to Parking
14. Underground Exit
15. Emergency Exit
16. Parking Exit

Puebla region convention center
William O. Jenkins Convention Center in Puebla

Ex Hacienda de Chautla Puebla

Built in 1777, its moment of glory was during the 19th century. Its history reflects the economic importance and magnificence of these end-of-century structures. E. Gillow wanted to construct a small Versailles, with gardens, an artificial lake and a castle. The Misión Grand Ex Hacienda de Chautla Hotel now has 94 rooms.

The Isla del Kiosko Garden (Pavilion Island Garden), as its name indicates, is a small island located at the middle of one of the lakes, and is accessible by a bridge that connects to the pathways to the Hacienda. It’s an ideal location for a wedding, with one of the best views that the area can offer. Its capacity is for up to 150 people.

One of the nicest views that this place offers is the Jardin del Castillo (the Castle Gardens), located at the back end of the castle. This garden can contain up to 500 persons per event, has beautiful natural scenery, and is placed in the middle of the lakes area.

Metropolitan Auditorium

Puebla’s Metropolitan Auditorium is the biggest and most important of the State. There, all kinds of prestigious performances and events take place: exhibitions, film premieres, conferences, government meetings, book presentations, international festivals, corporate events, plays, large productions and concerts by major world-known artists.

Its esplanade extends over 10,000 m2, and has a “water mirror”. Its capacity is for 5,495 people, divided into three general zones.

Puebla region convention center
Auditorio Metropolitano

Options for Social Activities

Concordia Lake

An ideal space for social events, located 300 meters from the exhibition center, with a capacity for up to 250 people in a cocktail party-type set-up. Legend show, with a fireworks option (from 8:45 to 9:30 pm).

Plaza La Victoria

An open-air space for social activities located within the Los Fuertes zone. A short walk from the Exhibition Center, it has a capacity of over 2,000 people and a panoramic view of the city of Puebla.

Integral Services Center Executive Building (CIS)

Located in the Angelópolis Zone, the modern area of the city, this building is one of the Puebla’s newest and most modern buildings for hosting social events.

Size: 470,52 m2
Capacity: 350 people in a banquet layout
Distance: 7,3 km from the Convention Center (20 min) and 11 km from the Exhibition Center (30 mns)

Puebla region convention center
Convention area in the exhibition center in Puebla

Enriching your Social Activities with Cultural Performances

– Magical Towns
– Conservatory of Music
– The BUAP Symphony Orchestra
– Esperanza Azteca
– State Board for Arts and Cultures

Tourist Attractions and Activities

– Cantona Archeological Site
– Cholula Pyramid Tunnel
– Mexican Cuisine was the first to be recognized as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Traditional Poblana (from Pueblo) cuisine is the most representative of Mexican food.
– Video Mapping of the Cathedral
– Downtown Puebla
– The La Concordia Lake
– The Star of Puebla (La Estrella de Puebla)
– The Ex Hacienda de Chautla
– Archeological Zones
– Adventure Tourism
– Guided programs

Puebla region convention center
The largest exhibition center in Latin America

State Government Support for Events

– Press conferences
– Radio broadcast space, offered by Puebla Comunicaciones
– Trilingual tourist guides
– Promotional kits
– FAM Trip organization and logistics
– Presence of Public Authorities at your opening or conclusion meetings, if needed or desired
– Connection with Government agencies for support management


– Tae Kwon Do World Championship (2013): 1,500 athletes from 142 countries and a financial impact of 189.1299 million Pesos
– Exintex (2014): 450 exhibitors from Mexico and the world and 20,000 visitors
– Latin American Coffee Summit (2014): an event that enjoyed the participation of 350 exhibitors, on top of the presence of major investors coming from the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and Australia
– Conago (2014)
– State Government Workers’ Christmas Banquet (2014-2015): banquet organized for 13,600 people, over 30,000 m2
– Expo Anam (2015)
– Feria Pueblos Mágicos (2015)
– Ciudad de la Ideas (2015)
– Copecol (2015)
– Smart City (2016)
– World Forum for Mexican Gastronomy and Artisanal Gastronomy and Tourism Show: event that brought together over 200 artisans from the entire country and exhibitors from the different areas of Mexican tourism: gastronomy, transportation, etc.

Within our 3 major facilities, we have had a total of 681 events in the last 2 years, with a turnout of 1,924,762 million visitors to the City of Puebla.

Puebla region convention center


Puebla is a colonial city of 2,500,000 people, founded in 1531. It is located within driving distance of Mexico City (82 miles), in a peaceful valley surrounded by three beautiful non-active volcanic peaks.

The city combines the advantages of a modern city, such as good infrastructure, hotels, universities, and major manufacturing, with a unique culture and a history boasting five centuries of colonial presence.

Puebla’s historic center has enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 1987, and encompasses over 2,600 historic buildings.

In addition to its extensive cultural and gastronomic heritage, Puebla has a great range of attractions, such as: the Concordia Lake; La Estrella de Puebla (or ‘Star of Puebla’), an 80 meter-high (over 250 feet-high) observation wheel; the Africam Safari, considered one of Latin America’s best outdoor zoos; and the recently opened Teleférico (Cableway).

The city has four major venues for hosting events: the Exhibition Centre, the Convention Centre, the Auditorio Metropolitano and the Ex Hacienda de Chautla.

Moving Along

The state of Puebla, with an exhilarating capital bearing the same name, draws attention for its innovative culinary scene, historical significance and picturesque landscape.

Puebla is Mexico´s fourth-largest city and is located about two hours southeast of the Mexico City International Airport (MEX), served by a number of non-stop flights from the U.S. and Canada, plus connections throughout Mexico. Buses leave the airport approximately every thirty minutes for a trip lasting roughly two hours. Puebla also has its own small international airport (PBC), with limited non-stop service from Dallas, Houston, Panama and some Mexico destinations.

Meeting Industry

Puebla has everything in order to be consolidated as one of the main destinations for the meeting industry with key products that enrich the experience of our visitors. This city is the perfect destination for hosting international events; Puebla is one of the safest cities in Latin America, declared Cultural Heritage of humanity in 1987 by UNESCO, with an international airport and first level hotel infrastructure with more than 10,000 rooms.

The meeting industry represents an enormous business opportunity for Mexico, among its main cities; Puebla has been highlighted and recently recognized within the top five in the country that received a large amount of international conventions and congresses in 2014 according to ICCA.


Exhibition Centre: it is one of the largest in Latin America with 40,000 m2 (430,556 ft2) of exhibition area with no columns and 15 m (49.21 ft) high ceiling. It also owns 5,200 m2 (55,972 ft2) for convention area with a 7 m high ceiling (22.9 ft), which can be divided up to 24 break out rooms, in addition the venue has an area of loading and unloading conformed by 48 platforms.

Convention Centre: it is located in the historical center of Puebla. It owns 7,232 m2 (77,845 ft2) of area, which forms 14 different spaces (indoors and outdoors) adaptable for conferences, symposiums, forums, seminars, conferences, presentations, business exhibitions, musical shows, fairs and banquets.

Auditorio Metropolitano: it used to be known as Auditorio Siglo XXI. It was refurnished in 2015 and now it shows its modern face with a striking glass curtain becoming the stage for great artistic and entertainment personalities. This venue has the capacity to hold 5,495 people with 7,500 m2 (80,729 ft2) of indoor area, 10,000 m2 (107,639 ft2) of open area and five restaurants. The Auditorio Metropolitano has a non-stop flow of spectacular shows of all kind including: rock, pop, jazz, family entertainment, folkloric and classical music concerts have been performed for all audiences.

Ex Hacienda de Chautla: it is a unique venue with natural surroundings. It has several spaces that can be used for recreation or meetings; with a castle, a camping area, gardens, eco-tourism activities, a lake, ballrooms, conventions and summits. It owns a dorm area for 120 people, dining area, a kitchen, a multipurpose room and 4 individual rooms.

Hacienda Puebla
Ex Hacienda de Chautla

Air Connectivity

– Flights / month: 168
– National flights: 100
– International flights: 68

Connected Cities

– Monterrey
– Guadalajara
– Cancun
– Tijuana
– Houston
– Dallas
– Panamá


– Aeromexico
– Volaris
– Aeromar
– American Airlines
– Delta Airlines
– Copa Airlines

Hotel Capacity

– Total number of rooms at the state level: 20,517
– Total number of rooms in the city: 10,203
– Total number of rooms for meetings: 4,000
– Maximum number of conference-goers the city is able to receive: 6,000
– Congress capacity at the largest venue: 5,200 m² (55,972 square feet)
– Exhibition capacity at the largest venue: 40,000 m² (430,556 square feet)


Mario Hernandez Casas (Deputy Sales and Marketing Director)
Telephone: +52 (222) 122-11-00 ext. 1439


Puebla Cicy
Puebla City


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