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"We focus our efforts to rebuild Iraq and its different sectors like construction, real estate, transportation, agriculture, security, oil and gas services and many other fields … because we
Ben Novak
The US-Kurdistan Business Council led a delegation of 48 members representing 30 companies from a diversity of business sectors.  
Jacques Yétérian
A major feature of the event was the announcement of, and signing ceremony for,the upgrading of the Marriott Hotel, already under construction at Empire World, to the status of a Five Star JW
Jacques Yétérian
Slated for completion in 2017, the Empire World development is the largest development in Iraq and represents a $2.3 billion investment in the future of the high-economic growth autonomous
Isslam Moubarak
Kurdistan Top Stories JW Marriott Partners with Falcon Group to Manage Hotels in Kurdistan Region, Iraq When Marriott International decided to enter the Iraqi hotel market, it partnered with
Jacques Yétérian


The government of Kurdistan Region is doing everything necessary to achieve self-sufficiency of the Region within the new federal Iraq. Kurdistan Region is well-known for its investment-friendly law thanks to which the Investment Board of Kurdistan has Continue

Top Companies presents a list of the largest companies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The emphasis is on local, mostly private sector companies. Most of the largest companies in Kurdistan are large diversified conglomerates with a mix of foreign and local Continue