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Tayo Oviosu Presents Paga: An Innovative Payments and Financial Services Ecosystem for Africa

Tayo Oviosu presents payments company Paga. Paga was founded in early 2009 in Nigeria and is building an ecosystem to enable the emerging middle-class to pay and get paid, shop, and sell. Paga enables consumers to access and use money in the most convenient way for them, whether that is through a neighborhood store (agents) or via their mobile phone (smartphone or feature phone). Paga also enables sellers to sell more efficiently and access financing.

Financial Services Sector in Nigeria: Nkiru Amadi-Emina Presents SME-Focused Financial Platform Pivo Africa

Nkiru Amadi-Emina discusses financial services in Nigeria and presents Pivo Africa, an SME-focused financial platform that allows SMEs across Africa access all the financial services they need in one place. Businesses use Pivo to setup a corporate account, apply for business loans, transact in over 42 different currencies, and manage their finances all in one simple application.

An Interview with Johanna Monthe of Epena Law: A Private Equity Law Firm at the Center of the African Legal Scene

Johanna Monthe gives an overview of Epena Law, a firm based in the UK, Cameroon and Nigeria. Through understanding of both civil and common laws, Epena is able to seamlessly navigate through the various legal systems in Africa, having deep roots and knowledge of markets, regulations and key players. The legal practice serves the needs of corporates, investment funds, growth companies and financial institutions, by providing advisory services on a wide range of corporate and commercial transactions.

FITC: Bringing Learning and Knowledge Solutions to the Nigerian Financial Services Sector by Chizor Malize

Chizor Malize gives an overview of FITC (Financial Institutions Training Centre), a world-class, innovation-led, technology-driven, knowledge and professional services institute that provides cutting edge learning, advisory and research services to organizations within the financial services sector across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

E-Business Solutions and Advisory in Nigeria: An Interview with Dr Adebola Akindele of Courteville

Dr Adebola Akindele gives an overview of Courteville Business Solutions, a Nigerian e-business solutions and advisory company, and the biggest company that renders data capture service in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its principal focus is the development of e-business solutions for process re-engineering in all sectors. Courteville operates in Nigeria as well as the Caribbean.

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