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MarcoPolis is a leading press and communications agency specializing in e-reputation and online visibility services. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we create comprehensive Country Reports that include exclusive interviews, videos, press releases, company profiles, lists of top leaders, and a myriad of other valuable content.

MarcoPolis has interviewed more than 6,000 leading business personalities in 24 top emerging countries, and offers you a unique platform to boost your e-reputation and online visibility, generate interest in your products and services, and reach targeted audiences through tailor-made content and keywords specifically related to your activities, industry, and sector.

Our clients range across multiple geographies and industries including the world’s most renowned global and local brands in both the public and private sectors.


Reasons to Prioritize E-Reputation and Online Visibility:

• Expand your reach to a broad audience
• Enhance brand credibility
• Foster trust among customers, stakeholders, employees, influencers, and peers
• Drive growth in web traffic
• Elevate customer engagement
• Amplify opportunities for increased leads and sales

What Sets Marcopolis’ Innovative Solution Apart?

• Third-party credible media
• Tailor-made content to suit your needs
• Massive and targeted communication
• Measurable deliverables for transparency
• Organic, long-term visibility on search engines
• High-ranking search results
= Unparalleled e-reputation and online visibility


All the services outlined above, along with their respective prices, are applicable for a one-year contractual duration.

Unlimited Company News (*1)

Over a one-year period, avail yourself of the opportunity to submit an unrestricted number of corporate news releases, meticulously crafted with targeted keywords for optimal visibility. These press releases will be strategically placed on the homepage of the Country Report, residing prominently in the “Stories” section and within the relevant sector. Rigorously SEO-optimized, they will be effortlessly discoverable on search engines, including automatic visibility on Google News, ensuring a global reach.
Ex: Company News

Exclusive Videos (*1)

Harness the power of visual storytelling with our Exclusive Videos service. Your entire interview will be skillfully edited into a variety of video clips, seamlessly integrating promotional videos and images, accompanied by a written description. This content, SEO-optimized and uploaded to our website and YouTube channel, ensures high-ranking results on Google Videos and main page searches.
Ex: Cairo Marriott Hotel

Executive Team Biographies (*1)

Illuminate the personalities steering your institution by opting for our Executive Team Biographies service. Present the narratives of your leadership and management teams with a potent tool that adds credibility and depth to your organization. This online business card enables potential clients, investors, and partners, to gain insights into your team’s industry expertise before engaging in business.
Ex: Asia Aerospace City

Multi-Pages Company Profile (*1)

Present a comprehensive overview of your institution, encompassing its goals, strategy, achievements, products, and services. Meticulously aligned with your corporate image, your SEO-optimized company profile will secure enduring visibility on search engines. It will also be prominently showcased on the homepage of the Country Report, relevant sector, and “Companies” section.
Ex: B5 Plus Ltd

Exclusive Corporate Story (*1)

Secure a dedicated article about your company or a chosen topic, expertly crafted and prominently featured on the homepage of the Country Report and among other top stories. This content ensures a spotlight on your chosen narrative, be it the corporate journey or a specific theme, fostering a compelling brand narrative.
Ex: Saudi Military Spending

Leaderboard Banner (*2)

Elevate your brand’s visibility with a strategically placed leaderboard banner on the most visited section of the Report, the “Companies” page. Sized at 728×90 pixels, your banner will be positioned ahead of other leading institutions and companies in the country, guaranteeing exceptional visibility for your institution.
Ex: Ghana Companies

Advertising Banner (*2)

Achieve unparalleled visibility with an advertising banner positioned on every page of the Country Report (top right corner) at a size of 300×600 pixels. This guarantees extensive exposure for your company or institution. This advertising space ensures continuous prominence and serves as a strategic focal point for your brand.
Ex: Kenya Report

*1 – Every piece incorporates an Infobox containing links to your website, contact details, and references to your content featured on Marcopolis.net.

*2 – Banners are linked to your website and fully updatable throughout the contract period.

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