Best Travel Tip in Lebanon

Among the best travel tips in Lebanon is the visit of Chateau Kefraya’s winery. Having won over 200 medals, Chateau Kefraya boasts Lebanon’s best-selling wine ”Les Bretèches” a subtle yet intense red belonging to the ‘pleasure wines’ category…

Chateau Kefraya: Inspiring a rebirth in the art of wine-making

Chateau Ksara and Art of Wine

Marcopolis presents the list of best travel tips in Lebanon. Among the top 10 travel tips in Lebanon is Chateau Kefraya. 

Forgotten for almost 15 centuries, the art of winemaking – started by Lebanese ancestors in the Biblical lands of Caanan and celebrated by the Romans at their Temple of Bacchus in Baalbeck – is now thriving at Château Kefraya, which produces top quality wines only. The original grapes were planted in 1951 producing the first vintage in 1979 and just 4 years later Château Kefraya started exporting wines to France, which now buys 150,000 bottles per year.

Having won over 200 medals, Château Kefraya boasts Lebanon’s best-selling wine ”Les Bretèches” a subtle yet intense red belonging to the ‘seduction wines’ category and nothing could be more pleasurable than tasting this wine and many others at Château Kefraya itself, set in the majestic Bekaa valley.

If you think you’re a wine connoisseur, having explored the vineyards in Australia’s Barossa or Hunter Valleys or France’s Bordeaux region you’ll be suitably impressed or possibly even blown away by the Château, its vineyards, its parks, its restaurant and its Roman caves dating back to the first century BC, not to mention the wine tasting of course making it one of the great travel tips to visit in Lebanon. 

Stepping through the castle doors, built in the second or third century AD, will sweep you back in time and transport you into a magical world of romance and passion: a passion for wine, art and nature. The estate has several hectares of perfectly-kept parks all named after famous opera singers such as Bellini, Verdi, Puccini, and in its restaurant you can experience the best traditional Lebanese cuisine, including a delicious mezze piled with hummus or try a range of western dishes with a special Lebanese touch..

The Winery’s Founder, Michel de Bustros approaches his life’s work with love and respect, saying:

‘A wine-grower who loves his vine will visit it, talk to it, and touch it. The vine will feel it and respond positively.’ And this positivity is exuded throughout the Château which was renovated in 1992 after peace was restored at the end of Lebanon’s so called civil war. The fact that Château Kefraya forbids the use of any chemicals and pesticides in its vineyards also adds to the place’s natural harmony, with harmless lady bugs welcomed in the vineyards.

Guided visits are organized daily from 10am to 5pm including Sundays and Public Holidays, and as you drive away from Château Kefraya the distinct taste of its internationally renowned wine will linger on your palette and the beauty and luxury of the experience will remain imprinted on your soul.

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