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Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef Presents Leading Saudi Conglomerate Alkhorayef Group

In this insightful interview, Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef provides an in-depth overview of Alkhorayef Group, a diverse Saudi conglomerate with significant operations spanning oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, marine, and power technologies. He elaborates on the company’s impressive global reach and robust service offerings, highlighting their strategic expansion and commitment to quality. Join us as Mr. Alkhorayef shares the competitive advantages that set Alkhorayef apart, along with their innovative projects and the company’s philosophy on corporate social responsibility.

Ghanaian-Owned Oil Marketing Company Zen Petroleum Ranks Among Africa’s Fastest-Growing Companies

ZEN Petroleum, a wholly Ghanaian-owned Oil Marketing Company (OMC), has been named one of the 75 fastest-growing companies in Africa for 2022. According to the FT ranking, the Ghanaian energy company recorded an absolute growth rate of 159.6%, while its Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) stood at 37.4% as against the 7.99% minimum CAGR required to be included in this year’s ranking.

Oil Industry in Ghana: CEO Yahya Diab Discusses Veros Petroleum’s Vision, Challenges and Growth

Yahya Diab shares his evaluation of the oil and gas industry in Ghana, discussing prominent trends and developments. He also presents Veros Petroleum, a multifaceted oil marketing company engaged in various aspects of the oil marketing industry, including retailing, bunkering, bulk distribution, LPG and gas services. With a growing network of stations strategically located nationwide, Veros Petroleum prides itself on its competitive pricing, superior services and top-notch product quality.

RACO Group: Mansour Alharbi Discusses Servicing Oil Refineries and the Petrochemicals Industry in Saudi Arabia

Mansour Alharbi discusses servicing oil refineries and the petrochemicals industry in Saudi Arabia and presents RACO Group. The Group is found to carefully select and manage products and services to support local, GCC and ME customers, and represents the following legal entities: Remah Bureau for Administration Consulting (RACO), Alasamer Technical Trading (ATT) and Alasamer Technical Industrial Services (ATIS).

Mezahem Basrawi Presents Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum: A Leading Supplier of Lubricants in Saudi Arabia

Mezahem Basrawi shares his assessment of the oil sector in Saudi Arabia and gives an overview of the lubricants segment. He also presents Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum, a member of Fuchs Group in Germany, the leading global supplier of lubricants. Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum provides lubricants for cars, bicycles, airplanes, cameras, windmills, trucks, machineries, metalworking, hydraulics, etc. Mezahem Basrawi also shares his vision for the future of the company.

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