Job Description — What are we Looking for?

Job Description
Unique international career opportunity (salary + commissions)! Please send your CV + PHOTO to

Job Description

Job Description

Unique international career opportunity (salary + commissions)!
Please send your CV + PHOTO to

Job Description
What are we Looking for?

Job Description offers a unique international experience. Make a right choice in your career and meet global CEOs, executives and gain the inside edge in the latest developments in the emerging markets.

As a member of one of MarcoPolis’ business development units, the chosen candidate will carry out missions abroad to meet with top governmental representatives, CEOs, chairmen and heads of the largest companies in a particular country in order to compile a unique e-report.

Placed in any of global markets, he/she will spend on the ground on average about 15 days (one mission) over a period of 3-4 months per year (on average up to 8 missions – business trips – abroad per year). He/she will be required to carry out at least 4 projects a year.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • Min. 2 years of experience in direct sales (advertising, communications and other related industries are also considered) 

  • Impeccable oral/written English (other languages valued)

  • Independent
  • Completed degree (BA, MSc, MA)

Personal Characteristics

  • High level of stress tolerance  

  • Born negotiator, enjoys cold calling, ability to handle client rejection 

  • Team spirit, flexible, dynamic, hard-working, independent

  • Confident

  • Excellent personal appearance

  • Knowledge of current international affairs

  • Ability and joy to travel 3-4 months per year (1 to 3 weeks’ missions)

Personal Qualities

• Upbeat. A good business person is always ‘up’, because someone who exudes the right kind of confidence and success is likely to make a prospect feel ‘up’ too. Enthusiastic people embody hope, which is contagious. Signs of it will also help prospects and team members intuitively relax because a pessimistic approach is less likely to come from a person exhibiting buoyancy.

• Resilient. Being in business and handling rejection go hand in hand.
Anybody who can’t be persistent and resilient when it comes to coping with adversity won’t last long.

• Caring. Here the key is having the kind of empathy that builds rapport. Adroit people make prospects and team members feel as though they have an ally. There’s no substitute for being likeable, caring and trustworthy.

Why has very low staff turnover and many employees are happy to work in a relaxed, fun and independent atmosphere. is an emerging player on the global media scene. Through its unique platform and business model the company is able to generate high-profile traffic to its high quality multimedia executive content.

Open no-subscription content available in one click, is an innovative technological/media company that paves the future for media.


Building on a 16 year tradition of producing written reviews, MarcoPolis was launched in 2007 as a totally new concept available online.

MarcoPolis’ country portfolio includes UAE Report (2008), Bahrain Report (2009/2011/2013), Kuwait Report (2010/2012), Lebanon Report (2010/2012), Jordan Report (2010) and Morocco Report (2011), Côte d’Ivoire Report (2012), Brazil Report (2012-3), Iraqi Kurdistan Report (2013), Ghana Report (2013) and Libya Report (2013).

MarcoPolis’ teams of journalists have so far interviewed more than 20 Presidents and Prime Ministers such as Hugo Chavez, Rafiq Hariri, Nelson Mandela, Jacques Chirac and more than 150 ministers and 1000 CEO’s of top companies’ in countries such as: Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Angola, Botswana, Rwanda, Djibouti and Ghana.

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