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José Murta, Managing Director at EXI, explains who are the company's main clients. In Mozambique, EXI works not only with the public sector, but also with the private sector.   Continue
Sandra Francisco
December 08, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Located in the heart of Accra Central, The Octagon is a business and retail center providing over 100,000 m2 of offices, shops and commercial space, ranging in area from 85 m2 up to 2,000 m2, Continue
December 07, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Under the auspices of the Graphic Communications Group and the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), the 2nd edition of the Real Estate Experience, a housing fair, occurred at the Continue
December 06, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Following the example of countries such as Ghana, the Government of Zambia promoted the establishment of the National Health Insurance Management Authority [NHIMA] to spearhead universal health Continue
Mukesh Thakwani, Founder and CEO of B5 Plus Ltd
In this exclusive interview, business leader Mukesh Thakwani talks about the importance of Continue
December 05, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Mukesh Thakwani, Founder and CEO of B5 Plus Ltd, the leading manufacturer of steel products in Ghana and West Africa, shares his insights on what is blocking the development of products made in Continue
November 29, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Roni Gaby Mattouk, CEO ARG 1 Africa, discusses innovation and technology and shares his vision for the future of the leading Ghana-based elevator engineering company. Continue
November 22, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
The decision of the High Court in Uganda in the recent case of HAM ENTERPRISES V DIAMOND TRUST BANK (U) AND DIAMOND TRUST BANK (K) LTD has sent the financial sector reeling for cover. Continue
Radwan Fattal Dakmak, Managing Director of Wahhab Estate Co Ltd and Meridian Group
Radwan Fattal Dakmak discusses latest news regarding Atlantic Tower, the EDGE certified Continue
November 18, 2022 |
Sandra Francisco
Radwan Fattal Dakmak, Managing Director of Wahhab Estate Co Ltd and Meridian Group, talks about the recent re-certification of Atlantic Tower as a green office building. Continue
Anthony Duffy, Managing Director at Harlequin International Ghana (HIT)
Anthony Duffy discusses latest news and future plans for Harlequin International Ghana. Continue
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